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Sneak Preview

SD Reunion 12-09-2010

It is almost more than 10 years we were out of the boundaries. Now we share, care, laugh and gather. Thanks for the small group SD reunion who attended in Kemala Beach Balikpapan 12-09-2010. In a head, we believe to make this reunion to be fabulous!!! Cheers guys! 😀

Welcoming a real world

Hi guys, this is me Fresno ;).

First of all, think about the fact of living in the society, now i am opening my blog which is part of my socilizing in the real world. Apparently people in this world need to update their life through the media called technology. By looking through my blog, you guys are welcome to have a look all my showcases that i had done and let you comments in order to bring me towards to the well track.

Thank you guys!;)