Yodha; Youth of Dhamma

It was a fast track job that had made for a bunch of Buddha youth community in Balikpapan who wanted to design a new T-Shirt for their continuous gathering, Sept 2009. The concept was taken from the MATRIX revolution movie!

Sogo; Aidil Fitri Newspaper Ad in Malaysia

In order to promote the particular brand, Sogo as the huge shopping mall concepts had come out with a newspaper ads which were publish in two languages advertisement (BM;Bahasa Malaysia and English). This ad eventually appear only during a special moment, Aidil Fitri (Idul Fitri-Indonesia), late 2008.

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A Golden Centre

This was a project from one of the Malaysian developer which quiet known in Malaysia. Creating a housing brochure draft for advertise their new housing development. There was a such tight time to finish this job and fortunately i managed to handle it on time.

Tsinghua(T) Shirt

Those words which applied on that T-Shirt is dedicate for the memory places and name foods of time being when my friend and i lived in Beijing, China. This was part of my fun time while i was pointed to be the creator of this T-Shirt and i was glad they really like this T-Shirt.

Thank you guys! 😉

Amazing 30th of Sungei Wang

Reviewing one of the spectacular event job that i had done for my previous client in Malaysia.

Regarding to celebrate the 30th of Sungei Wang Plaza, I supposed to create a booklet, Newspaper Ad, Backdrop which contain all the events that been held in Sungei Wang Plaza, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. And after all, the booklet itself would been shared for those customers who shops in that Plaza before the events start.

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On the move for KL Life Style Magazine 2008On the move for KL Life Style Magazine 2008

Newspaper Ad 2008

Congratulation Ad for STAR Newspaper Malaysia

Backdrop during the event 2008 in Sungei Wang Plaza, KL

Wendy’s Malaysia

Again, This is one of my proud design which i made for Wendy’s restaurant menu wall in Malaysia. After a long time Malaysians did not taste the greatness of Wendys burger, Malaysia was currently re-open the Wendys Restaurant in 2008.

In the way to re-open that restaurant through all Malaysia, I had to be done those variants job for Wendys restaurant which to be known in Malaysian peeps. This job was really the opportunity for me to show what i can do for them in order to show my design skills. Really appreciate those moment and people who trust me to do this job.

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